Sunday, June 29, 2014

Digital Scuplting Beatles

I've started exploring digital sculpting and feel like I'm late to the table where it's concerned.  There are so many splendidly talented artists using the latest technologies and having wonderfully photo-real looking results that I'm completely intimidated by the whole thing.

To put things in perspective I've seen the evolution of computer graphics and the rapid increase in what one can do today as opposed to way back then.  I recall the method of sculpting a mesh was either with 'nurbs' or 'polygons' and I never fully mastered either one.  Now there are programs with names like Mudbox and ZBrush that can give you the most remarkable digital sculptures.

There is a whole new set of tools to learn and hoops to jump through.  I'm approaching this like a hobbyist and not ever thinking of doing this professionally.     

Here are some meager first attempts of mine.  That's supposed to be John Lennon in the later years and Paul in the early years.  Neither one is finished yet but I'm learning things along the way.

UPDATE:  Here's another whack at Sir Paul.

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