Thursday, August 09, 2012

Researching a Flim

I've mentioned how difficult it used to be to gather reference material for a project.  I recall my mother, who was a commercial artist as well as doing fine arts, had big boxes of clip-art that she tore from magazines all broken out into categories like "Cars", or "Cats".  Then inside that would be sub-categories like "Cats Running" or "Cars from 1950".  We had a whole row of our home library, (Yes, it used to be common to have a wall of book-shelves in your home), devoted to National Geographic and other books on travel and other countries.  We had the Encyclopedia from A to Z for more research.  I say all this to contrast how easy it is to do a browser search and find anything today on the internet.

Here are a few of the many interesting pictures I found on the internet to inspire my personal film about a magical circus.