Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Something old: BTM continued

These are screen-grabs from a three minute demo in Flash that I tried to sell to Cartoon Network showing Dr. Smartnik with his robot Hawking (like in Steven). I thought Dweasle the dog looked too much like H&B’s Oggy Doggie Daddy so I added a wool hat like Mike N. in the Monkees. Dweasle’s personality is Ringo Starr. Sir Bop the donkey is Barry White. Slats the cat is a smoother Wolfman Jack and Chicky the rooster is Little Richard. Try to picture them as reluctant crime-fighters. Now if you’ve read the previous post on this you know Doc Spartnik lives on an observation satellite along with his robot Hawking. If this sounds suspiciously like the short smart glasses wearing red-haired kid with the bulbous head and the sarcastic robot that dwell on an observation satellite in Cartoon Network’s Time Squad, I can only say my demo preceded it.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Something old: BTM

Here are some character designs for a pilot idea I had. Apparently not too many people are familiar with the old German folk tale The Bremen Town Musicians. I wanted to do The New Bremen Town Musicians or BTM. The idea was for these guys to try and form a band. But for some reason their vocal harmonies create frequencies that recompose matter. It’s physics, it’s fun. Anyway the frequencies are picked up by Dr. Smartnik and he beams them aboard his observation satellite and tried to write music for them that will produce dependable results forcing them into reluctant superheroes. Silly but I’ve seen worse.

Frog sculpt

I wanted to see if I could mass produce some of my pieces. I did this frog and made a mold and cast it in resin. Between that and the painting I will never get the man hours back. I’ll be lucky if I make my material cost back. They are for sale if you want one.

Click on image to enlarge.

Paintings and sketches

I seem to be in an African mode. These are watercolors and a pencil drawing.


An opportunity came up to do some children’s book illustrations.
These are very rough sketches trying to find the characters.