Sunday, April 26, 2015

Marc Davis Painting

Painting in Pirates of the Caribbean entitled  "A Portrait of Things to Come"
Well, here's a painting from the Pirates of the Caribbean Ride done by Disney artist Marc Davis.  I first saw it in a View Master reel as a boy and looked for it when I finally got to go on the ride.   It was right where it should be over the bar.  This painting is currently my screen saver.

UPDATE:  I learned the title of this painting is "A Portrait of Things to Come". Apparently there is some controversy over who may have done the actual painting.  It's well documented that Marc did the conceptual design (below) but the rather amateurish finished work appears like it was done by another hand.  Was Marc trying to emulate a more primitive style that would fit better with the time period?   Perhaps.

Someone with the handle Jimmydonc.tellnotales did a painting based on the Davis concept art, and it too is a treat.  I don't know what your preference is but I kind of like the native feel of the painting that lives in the park.  

Jimmydonc. painting more accurately following Davis sketch

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Amazing in Nature

How wonderful to see the complex weave of life!  Things that seem beyond probability are made real, and the mind expands a little bigger to embrace new possibilities. Pardon me for waxing poetic but these photos of the amazing creature Glaucus Atlanticus look like something from the terrible mind and agile hand of artist Jim Woodring!  If you are unfamiliar with Jim's candy colored dreamworld, you should check it out here:
GLAUCUS ATLANTICUS on someones hand.

 GLAUCUS ATLANTICUS floating on water
Art by Woodring
Art by Jim Woodring

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Oil Portraiture Price List

Sprinkled throughout this blog are oil portraits I've done, and I considered putting together a brochure to see if there might be some interest. Well, here it is, my price list for portraiture. After doing a lot of price comparisons with other artists, figuring in the cost of shipping and materials, I think this is a pretty good value.

To clarify what I hope the brochure says, I will work off your favorite photos, or do a photo shoot depending on your location. I can work off good quality digital images, if you choose, or scan hard copies you send, and return the originals after scanning.

Please call or email using the provided info, if interested, and we can set up a consultation. There is a payment of half down/half on delivery to ensure the cost of materials, and shipping and handling after completion. I estimate a four to six week turnaround to do the actual painting once images and other considerations have been met. If complications arise, you will be notified. Other considerations are covered in a contract for both of our satisfaction. I'm excited about creating for someone a family treasure and personal heirloom.

 Better quality pictures can be found here:


Thursday, April 02, 2015

Mike Hill

I just discovered the hyper real sculptures of Mike Hill. He's been paying tribute to some of our legendary monsters and monster makers like this charming image of stop-motion pioneer Ray Harryhausen teased by his warring skeletons from Jason and the Argonauts.  Incredible, aren't they?
Ray and his skeletons

Detail of Ray Harryhausen

Dr. Pretorius showing off more of Mikes work

Mike with his Margaret Hamilton

The Wolfman