Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Glen Keane Animator and Book Ilustrator/Writer

We all know Glen Keane as the master animator on many Disney films and the son of cartoonist Bil Keane who did "The Family Circus", but how many of you knew he was an author and illustrator of children's books?

I recently found this copy of "Adam Raccoon and the Circus Master" by Glen Keane for Chariot Books.
You can tell the hand of an animator right away by the great staging and poses.  I love the thick and thin quality of his lines and the expressive look in the eyes.

This book happened to be published in 1987 and might explain the similarities in the Circus Masters design and Ratigan, the Vincent Price voiced character from Disneys' "The Great Mouse Detective" done in 1986.

I was surprised to see there were quite a few titles done in this series entitled Parables for Kids.  Here is a list of titles:

Follow the King:
A First Lesson in Trust

Creating Characters With Personality

Cookie Time

Adam Raccoon in Lost Woods

Adam Raccoon at Forever Falls

Adam Raccoon and the Race to Victory Mountain

Adam Raccoon and the Mighty Giant

Adam Raccoon and the King's Big Dinner

Adam Raccoon and the Flying Machine

Adam Raccoon and the Circus Master

Adam Raccoon and Bully Garumph

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