Monday, February 04, 2013

Campaigns I Would Pitch

Probably nothing will come of this as ideas are fair game until someone copyrights or trademarks them. Consider this a preemptive strike against copiers, or verification that it was indeed I who loosed these innate thoughts into the cosmic conscious. I’ve come to this decision after conceiving of Breathe Rights only to find them on the market before I could do anything about them. Also after three very definite elements of a cartoon series I had pitched to Cartoon Network ending up being used in someone else’s series. Okay are you ready? Here they are:

No.1 An ad campaign for wireless phones featuring ‘The Bluetooth Fairy'.

No.2 A funny creature for a fast Mexican food chain called ‘The Chalupacabra’ who wants your food.

There, I feel better. Now when you see these, you can say with certainty and have this article to verify that I’m the idiot who thought them up.

Yours truly,

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