Sunday, July 15, 2007


Well well, look what turned up on YouTube. Someone has posted a sequence from "The PJ's". It's a little dark, (maybe that's a good thing), and unfortunately happens to be a whole sequence that I animated. Tarnell's lip sync doesn't match in some spots because he originally made references to "The Dating Game" and the lines had to be changed. And no, I did not post this on YouTube.

“The PJ’s” was a prime time stop motion sitcom fathered by Eddy Murphy and Ron Howard after watching "Thunderbirds". It was 'gorilla animation' on a tight schedule with an unbelievable daily frame rate numbering in the hundreds. We shot on 'ones' at 24 frames per second.


jriggity said...

Super cool man!

I love this show!


Joel Brinkerhoff said...

Thanks Mr. jriggity. This sequence isn’t my proudest moment, I think there were better. But I’m glad you liked the show. I did too.