Friday, July 06, 2007

The Laika Story

Up until then, Travis had been just another young, obsessive animator at Will Vinton Studios in Portland, Oregon. He spent his days mostly alone, posing his delicate puppets or creating computer graphics for ads and a short-lived TV series, hoping for another show, maybe his first film. A humble life near the bottom of the ladder. Today that would change. Travis was taking a seat on Vinton's board of directors, a body he'd always thought of as some kind of secret society. He was 29, with no experience as a manager and only four years as an animator, his first real job. Ever.

Thus begins the unusual tale of a father and son teaming up to ressurected a failing animation studio.

The link above takes you to an article that talks about the birth of Laika from the rubble of Will Vinton Studios. It's sad for me to read because it involves events that touched a lot of my friends, yet it's good to know another studio is born. It also shows how precarious a situation it is for the new studio and for the Knight family. I sincerely hope "Coraline" is a monster hit for them.

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