Monday, December 01, 2014

Offering Portraiture

I"m getting a jump-start on Christmas this year with this gift for my daughter and son-in-law, (they don't read this so I'm not spilling the beans, so to speak), and I thought this maybe something I could offer to whomever may want it.  The picture isn't done yet, (want to smooth out boys face and finesse the background),  but it's enough there that I felt I could share it.

I'm going to offer oil portraiture done from good photos.  I had to piece together several pictures of these kids because they were so active I couldn't get a good expression or composition otherwise.  I could do these in the evenings and weekend.

I need to take sometime to see what people are charging for sizes and number of figures, so I don't have a price list yet.

In fact, I need to build up a portfolio and most of my work was done out of state.  Back then, I didn't keep photos, and the only recent work I've done was badly photographed, and pretty pixelated.  It's this detail of the boy with the oval white boarder which originally  includes his little brother beside him.  I cropped the brother out because most of the bad resolution from the photography showed up on him.

It's too late for this holiday season, I estimate it would take four to six weeks to deliver a picture, but I will try and make them affordable.

Unfinished Christmas Present

Detail of portrait done for friend

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