Monday, January 21, 2013

Carving the Comics

Here's a link to these great sculptures by Charles Ponstingl.

The site was put together by Mel Birnkrant and tells the story of  how Charles came to do what he does.  There are many interesting pictures so be sure to check them out   I personally would love to one or two or more of these.


Don Carlson said...

Dear Joel,

I finally got around to looking at that site about the wood carver in detail. When you posted it on Facebook I admittedly kind of skimmed the image but didn't visit the website until today.

In a word, WOW! All of that detail and depth packed into 4 inches of thickness, and no bigger than 10x6". This is incredible. In some ways, it's just as exciting as the visits to Vinton's, looking at the sets and puppets in the early 90's. It really makes me want to stop making clay long enough to sculpt something as grandiose as this. Or at least take advantage of a small amount of space as effectively. It was just this morning that I was looking at my animation table and wondering if it was big enough to make a film on. Now it's too big... Thank you for turning me on to this wonderful work! The story of who the carver was is also really intriguing. It's like reading a murder mystery!



Joel Brinkerhoff said...

Ha, life has some interesting twists and amazing things. Good to heard from you Don!