Sunday, June 03, 2012

The Zen of Animation and Other Things

I've commented on this site before about how the digital age has changed animation and how some of the procedures have taken away the zen moments; those times when you are mindlessly doing a chore like painting cels, and you find yourself happy and content.  Well, I've been getting up early in the mornings to work on my personal film and I've discovered while re-registering some drawings for a sequence that I was in the moment and at peace.  I've also found pleasure in gathering research for my circus film where once it meant collecting tons of books from libraries and spending lots of cash at bookstores.  Now the net provides me with endless information and sparks ideas from the most diverse places.  I'm happy to be in this moment of time and amazed at how wonderful it really is.  There are way too many images to share but here's one I really like.

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