Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Good Knight

Animation Magazine has an interview with Laika’s Travis Knight. I’ve worked with Travis when Laika was Will Vinton Studios and I have to admit this article is the most I’ve ever heard Travis speak. He was a pretty quite guy and I understand why, (his dad was buying the studio). Regardless of all the politics, there is one thing that speaks louder than anything that went down in the transformation of the studio and that is Travis is a natural born animator. Stop-motion or computer, his characters move beautifully and their hands are particularly expressive. He did a sequence for Gary and Mike that I think is some of the best stop-motion anywhere. Travis would be an asset to any studio. I hope our paths cross again, and then maybe he could answer my question, why Laika and not Leica as in leica reel?

Read the article here:

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Anonymous said...

Laika is Russian for "friend". :)