Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Fantasia Cuts

The digital removal of cigarettes from Disney archives indicates a rather recent editing of the studio history. I would like to know when the removal of racist humor, although common to the times, was applied to the original 1940 film “Fantasia”? In the Beethoven Pastoral segment, the character Sunflower was, (understandably), cut with simple edits way before digital images existed. Later, the zebra centaurettes who rolled the red carpet out for Bacchus were digitally removed making the carpet appear to magically unroll itself. When was this last edit done, and why? They don’t seem offensive to me, am I wrong?
 UPDATE:  The youtube vids are sometimes taken down because of ownership, but I have added smaller files that hopefully wont' get removed.  If you have trouble with the youtubes, try the ones below them.

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