Thursday, January 18, 2007

Albert Hurter

Hurter was the first Inspirational Artist in animation. His job was to draw anything unfettered by subject or schedule. Of course this could only happen at Disney. Albert Hurters book, “He Drew as He Pleased” has long been out of print and hard to find. I’ve spent years looking for it and could have paid a small fortune to own a copy. Then I found it through my local library and scanned the entire book. These images are a mere sample of this book’s delights. Click on images to enlarge.


Anonymous said...

I envy you...! How much I would love to see your other scans!
Here in Holland these books are even more diffucult to find and surely no library to find the books.
It's a crime in my eyes that copyrights (although good in themselves) prohibits reproduction of art while the books are out of print.

Joel Brinkerhoff said...

Hey Henkus, I'll try and post more for you. Thanks for looking and sorry for the late reply!