Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Sentimental Journey…

Going through a book of mine for reference I glanced at the autograph at the front and recalled the great opportunity of meeting this legend of Animation. It suddenly dawned on me that I’ve been blessed to have met three of Disney’s Nine Old Men: Frank Thomas, Ollie Johnston, and Ward Kimball, all in good health and productively vibrant. Here are others I’ve met and am glad I shamelessly asked for autographs: Chuck Jones, Ray Harryhausen, and one I treasure for the brief time I spent with him, a fellow fan of Laurel and Hardy, Joe Ranft. Thanks guys, for inspiring us all.


Anonymous said...

These are great, Joel. Thanks for sharing!!

crogers13 said...

Hey Joel,

I love these autographs. I'm trying to think of any great artists of today that
we I should get their autographs while I can. People don't stand out as much anymore.