Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Oil Portraiture Price List

Sprinkled throughout this blog are oil portraits I've done, and I considered putting together a brochure to see if there might be some interest. Well, here it is, my price list for portraiture. After doing a lot of price comparisons with other artists, figuring in the cost of shipping and materials, I think this is a pretty good value.

To clarify what I hope the brochure says, I will work off your favorite photos, or do a photo shoot depending on your location. I can work off good quality digital images, if you choose, or scan hard copies you send, and return the originals after scanning.

Please call or email using the provided info, if interested, and we can set up a consultation. There is a payment of half down/half on delivery to ensure the cost of materials, and shipping and handling after completion. I estimate a four to six week turnaround to do the actual painting once images and other considerations have been met. If complications arise, you will be notified. Other considerations are covered in a contract for both of our satisfaction. I'm excited about creating for someone a family treasure and personal heirloom.

 Better quality pictures can be found here:


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