Thursday, August 21, 2014

Cintiq vs the Other Guys

There are other posts on this site about my hunt for a good drawing tablet that would be an alternative to the expensive Cintiq.  Well, it's finally happened, I was forced to make a decision.  I had a job that required detailed drawing and clean up, and needed something fast.  I was playing with the idea of a Chinese model or one from Africa, of all places, but the reviews were really fixed and it sounded like for every happy camper there were more people having regrets.  I had even considered something like a Surface Pro laptop but the drawing space would have been too small and the menus unreadable, although I loved the idea of having another system and not just a drawing device.  After a lot of online digging, I decided on a 13"HD Cintiq.  Now wouldn't that limit my drawing size, you may ask?  The beauty of it is I can use a second monitor and drag all my menus, graphs, tools and reference onto it freeing up my Cintiq just for drawing.  Being HD I can zoom in tight and scroll around for details.  Being so small allows me to pick it up and rotate it around on my lap, which I could never do with a 24".  I think I made a good choice and it does
Cintiq turned on it's side with palettes and graphs on second monitor.
the job!

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