Sunday, August 02, 2009

First Animated Christmas Special Book

I just got my copy of animation director Darrell Van Citters' book, "Mister Magoo's Christmas Carol: The Making of the First Animated Christmas Special", and it's terrific.

I knew Darrell from working on the first season of Cartoon Networks "The Mr. Men Show", and when I heard he shared a love for and was writing a book on the Magoo Christmas special, I was thrilled because now I might find out more about one of my favorite cartoons.

Magoo's Christmas Carol was something I tried never to miss. Not only is it a faithful retelling of the Dickens' story, it's also true to the character of Mr. Magoo. There are beautiful songs and moments of comedy and heart touching poignancy.

Let me tell you this is a great book full of beautiful production art and well researched information on who and how this classic show was made. After just reading the introduction I learned Walt Disney was so deeply moved by the show after its first airing that he made a personal call to the producer to congratulate him. It's chuck full of stuff like that!

Click the title above and go to Darrell's website where you can learn more about this wonderful Christmas Special and order a copy of this well written and glorious book.


jriggity said...

I dont think I ever caught that special...

gona have ta youtube it!



Joel Brinkerhoff said...

Yeah there is a good one of the whole show in eight pieces you can play automatically in a row here: