Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween. Here’s a piece of art from one of my favorite artists, Wally Wood. The picture and description come from Heritage Auction Galleries.

Click on image to enlarge.

Wally Wood - Three Dimensional EC Classics "V-Vampires," page 7 Original Art (EC, 1954). For EC's debut into the 3-D craze, four fan-favorite yarns, one from each of the titles, Mad, Weird Science, Frontline Combat, and Crime SuspenStories, were retold in this one-shot, published in the Spring of 1954. Offered here is page 7 of Wally Wood's reworked version of the Mad #3 classic, "V-Vampires." The art is rendered on Craftint paper and four pieces of acetate, each piece having art and consecutively numbered pages. The five pieces were then stacked together, with eye-popping results. The 3-D effect is striking, and then there's added attraction of the voluptuous "doll" -- a Wood specialty. Aside from some mild aging of the acetate and some very minor paint loss, this art is in Excellent condition.

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