Monday, September 03, 2007

Virtual Pose and Cintiq

I kind of bashed this picture out on my Wacom tablet (Intous 3) so I’d have something to post along with this comment sent to me from Robin Ator. He has some first hand experience with the Cintiq drawing table that I thought would be helpful to anyone considering digital drawing like myself. He wrote:

Cintiqs have their problems, too. They are no panacea for whatever's ailin' ya.

1- you mention the disconnect that occurs between the wacom pen and the screen. having used the cintiq the same way, I found that having the cintiq pen on top of my drawing to be even more annoying: each time I would try to start a line at a precise spot, I'd be unable to find the spot because the stylus was exactly on top of it.

2- the angle of the screen can be set in a number of ways to accommodate the arc of your drawing hand and arm, but it's still not enough for optimum comfort, I find. with a tablet pc, at least, you can prop the thing on your knee like a sketchbook. the cintiq is so large and heavy that you can't really do that.

3- the thing heats up a great deal. so, as you use it, it's slowly cooking your drawing hand. very annoying. also, there's a faint electronic buzz to the screen as you move your hand across it, making a faint but noticeable staticky crackle. that too I find annoying.

so, I wouldn't agree that a cintiq is the electronic answer to drawing that I would like.
Robin is a true force of nature and please check out his amazing work, (Warning: adult themes), here:

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