Friday, June 06, 2008

Big Bye Bye

My friend Sean Burns who is a talented director and animator has begun a blog that documents the annual road trip his father has taken since Sean was a child. As an adult Sean thought about writing a book and later took the trip making a documentary of it. Now he has taken this material and made a blog which is becoming one of my favorite diversions.

Sean has equated his father as part of the "Beat" generation and you can see the wanderlust of a Kerouac in his spirit. Full of quirks and compulsions ,(dad still uses a Polaroid camera having horded a freezer full of film, and still drives the same car), there are poignant moments and sometimes shear poetry as we vicariously travel back in time seeing the Americana no longer existing and feeling the nostalgia and wonder of family and travel.

Sean's father is preparing another trip and maybe on the road as I type this. Follow his past adventures here:

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