Sunday, May 11, 2008


Maybe this should be called self-defacing. I wanted to do a bearded character with more expressive mouths than just some squiggly lines. “I’ve got a beard!” I said to myself, “You call that a beard?” I replied idiotically and with a full grasp of the obvious used myself as a model to do some mouth studies. Well these digital sketches are more realistic than the character mouths, (which ended up as squiggly lines), finally turned out, and really look nothing like me, (I’m much cuter and look more like an old demented Gerber baby). But I thought they might raise a smile if I posted them. Boy was I wrong.


jriggity said...

nice pics dood!

I especially like the cockeyed straight on.


Joel Brinkerhoff said...

Hey man, I saw yer "failure" on yer blog. I wish my failures were so terrible.

Anyway, these beard sketches were not suppose to be portraits and I ignoring scale, but they came out as bad caricatures of myself. I think I'm getting drawing with a Wacom tablet down better though.