Friday, February 01, 2013

Another Clue for You All?

After forty some years the belief that Sir Paul McCartney is dead and was replaced with a look-alike caught fire on the internet and is only now starting to cool again.

I am not a subscriber to the “PID”, (Paul is dead), or replaced idea and feel the whole thing can be attributed to McCartney getting a lot of corrective surgeries.  In Macca’s career he teamed up with prominent writers and musicians like Costello, Wonder and Michael Jackson.  We all witnessed the transformation of Jackson into an unrecognizable white woman so it’s not surprising that Macca “fixed” his ears which stuck out, removed the bump on his nose, had chin implants to make his head less round and his teeth worked on after chipping them in an accident.  Over time the cosmetic results have been noticeable.

I do want to mention a thing for the believers that no one has mentioned. In 1999 the McFarlane toy company issued a series of Beatles figures based on “The Yellow Submarine”.  While some have pointed to two Paul’s during the “All Together Now” sequence in the movie, this line of toys may contain another clue for you all. 

Before the release of these Beatles figurines a toy fair picture of the proto-types was shown on the Internet.  The first series figures were the Beatles and a second series, the Sgt. Pepper band.  Each figure contained an additional character from the movie.  The proto-types showed Old Fred and Lord Mayor too but when the toys were in stores the Lord Mayors character was gone and another Paul was paired with Old Fred.  So if you were to collect all the figures in the two series you have a total of three Paul’s, one as Paul McCartney, one as a Pepper character, and one superfluous Paul.  Could that be Faul?  Faul is the name supposedly given by John to the Paul look-alike meaning fake Paul or faux  Paul.

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