Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Jerry and the Four Foot Mouse

Okay Toon Boom had a great offer of $600 off the asking price for their Animate program so I took the plunge. I'm wading in slowly as this program does a lot of puppet vector based animation like Flash but what I've been interested in is a good paperless way of doing traditional drawn animation.

Here's my attempt at another Jerry Mouse. I just like his design and want to learn how to draw and pose him. The more I try the more I see his face is very similar to Toms and may try Tom next. The 'holds' are a little long and I should add another blink on the other side to keep it alive. Maybe some 'eases' too.

This was all done in Toon Boom Animate and I'm learning how the drawing tools work. I am using a Wacom table because I can't afford a Cintiq so clean up is still difficult. All in all, I like the program very much and look forward to learning all the bells and whistles.

For all you animation Nerds, (of which I am one), you may recognize the background as being the stage from The Mickey Mouse Club. That's why Jerry is scared and you would be too if a four foot mouse was coming to beat the crap out of you! My money would be on Jerry to win.


jriggity said...

cool beans man!

Tom and Jerry are the KINGS of cartoons.


Joel Brinkerhoff said...

Thank you sir. I agree with you about T&J. They even took the Oscar away from Disney one year.