Sunday, September 02, 2007

My Friend Flickr

I forgot I had an account on Flickr. It's updated with a lot of my personal art. Some has appeared here but not all so if you want to see what I do without having to dig through other stuff check here:


The 'four old men' working on the movie "The Wild". I'm the bearded one sitting down so I don't break a hip.


Tammons said...


A Motley crew you got there Joel

With a crew liker that Your destined for success!!

Joel Brinkerhoff said...

Yes I sure know how to pick 'em. Sometimes I should be anonymous.

MikeD said...

Hey Joel,

Is that the famous Sean Burns on the right?

Mike D

Joel Brinkerhoff said...

Hi Mike, Yes it is certainly is Mr. Burns. It was great working together again and I hope our paths cross on another project some day.